Friday, March 13, 2009

The Top Steakhouse (Restaurant Week in Columbus)

It's only Thursday so you still until the 15 to enjoy 'Restaurant Week' in Columbus.
Last night I took my wife to 'The Top' Steakhouse for her birthday. For around $60 we had an appetizer, 2 surf-n-turf entrees and 2 deserts. I had the chocolate cake and my wife had her favorite - creme brulee. The steak was excellent and the lobster was pretty good, a little tough but good. In my opinion there wasn't much of a difference between medium and medium-well but my wife enjoyed her medium-well nonetheless. The deserts were excellent I know, not very descriptive. What do you want? It's chocolate cake! Beer? No, I asked our waitress for something domestic and she started rambling off the usual bud, bud-light, miller....yada yada yada. I stopped her mid sentence and asked if she had anything from Great Lakes brewing. No. Fact is she'd never heard of it so I knew that was the end of my beer list. I had water.
So was it worth the $75 (tip included)? Yes but only once. It was a nice experiance over all but I don't hink we'll ever go back. It's definitely worth a try for those of you that have never been. It's been in Columbus for 50 years and is rated one of the top 50 steak places in the country.

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