Monday, March 30, 2009

The Dog Joint - Westerville, Ohio

About a year ago my wife brought home a couple hot dogs from a place she found in Westerville called The Dog Joint. It's a small place just inside uptown Westerville on State Street. It seats about 40 on the inside and around the same on the patio when it's open. The staff is very friendly. The place is clean. The dogs are prepared in front of you and made from pure Vienna beef and the toppings can range from chili and cheddar cheese to sauerkraut and 1000 Island Dressing. I haven't had all of them but I think it's a task I'd be willing to take. We decided to meet for lunch last Saturday and I thought I'd write a little something about it possibly enticing you to go for some dogs and people watching. The beer selection is n't great but they have Frostop Rootbeer on draft and frankly you can't go wrong with Frostop.
I had the "Windy City". Yellow mustard, onions, sweet neon relish, tomatoes, pickles, sport peppers and celery salt on an egg bun.

The best Chicago style dog I've had in Columbus and the surrounding areas. My wife had the Southern Belle. Brown mustard, onions, chili and coleslaw.

Great dog. The boys had a regular hot dog and a corn dog. They were also treated to some "puppy chow". From what I understand (ok, I took some I admit it, I was worried it had too much sugar so I did my fatherly duty and saved them from certain sugar overload) it's chex cereal coated in chocolate, peanut butter, and sprinkled with confectionery sugar. Great food, low prices, great location, and a clean friendly staff. If you're in the mood for a 'gourmet' dog this place is worth the trip.

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