Friday, March 13, 2009

Stone 10th Anniversary Ale

I was lucky enough to find this at a favorite wine/beer shop a couple years ago. She had one of the last ones is Columbus and gave it to me. If you ever get a chance to stop by and buy stuff from Jaime (From the Vine, Lewis Center Ohio) I highly recommend it. She's awesome and never disappoints with her selection.
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The beer poured wonderfully orange and very thick with very little crown. The aroma is very earthy with strong grassy hops. It tastes great. A very earthy hoppiness to it. Some IPA's are incredibly laden with citrus flavors and aroma's but this is different. There's almost a wood like flavor to it. I wouldn't make this your first IPA but if you love them in all shapes and sizes don't skip this one. If I could find it I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Very good, strong too, 10%abv.

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