Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Doom 3 and Opera

I was going through some old videos from my ftp server on SegerHouse and came across this. I took bits and pieces of recorded footage and set them to music. I have one or two more I'll have to upload. Those of you w/o children should notice all the spare time I had on my hands. Man it's been awhile since I played Doom 3 and although it was a GREAT game I eventually got hooked on HL2. Not better graphics mind you but the game play is outstanding. I think I'll have to find the game and install it on this system. One of my friends borrowed it years ago. I distinctly remember paying $50+ for this game and now can pick it up at Amazon for around $20. Isn't that sad? I remember picking up Serious Sam for aound $9 at Wal*Mart and wondered how many people bought it for $45 when it came into the gaming world. Doom is such a good, although short game. I used to play this in the dark while wearing surround sound headphones - freaky.
Pay attention to the bodies after I frag'em. Notice how they sort of incinerate? I picked up a mod/hack for this later on that actually left the bodies around. It gave me an idea of how many demons/zombies I went through. It got hard on the system after awhile though.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ian Anderson

Feelin' a bit wacky this morning so how 'bout a lil Ian Anderson? Don't mind if do.

Macro Goodness in Nature

look at the seedling taking off!

an ant's view

a slightly taller ant's view

Monday, May 4, 2009

"The Best" Breakfast and Sandwiches

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The family and I were on our way to Bob Evan's Sunday when I suggested we try a little restaurant I've been eying for a couple months. Just a little spot off rt.3 in the southern corner of the Glengary Shopping Center. At first my wife was skeptical but I was able to convince her and we stopped.
Hours: Sunday 8am-3pm
Monday and Tuesday 6am-3pm
Wednesday - Friday 6am-9pm
Saturday 8am - 9pm
Food: American Style Diner
Prices: most (if not all) items are under the $10 mark (fed a family of four for under $30)

Walking into the place is very reminiscent of a small town diner. Small seating arrangements with a bar that held about a dozen people. There are about 4 or 5 tables outside but we chose to be seated inside. Sounds of plates clanking, people talking and laughing, and wait staff ordering food for their patrons. The smell of breakfast made me even hungrier than I already was (and as of 10am I was caffeine-less folks not a good thing by any means). We were greeted by a very nice woman who sat us and took our drink orders. With in a few minutes our server had arrived with our drinks and took our order. My wife and I chose the main omelet. $7.95 for a 3 egg, 1 meat, 3 veggy, and cheese absolutely delicious omelet that came with toast and potatoes. She had the bacon, I chose sausage. Everything tasted fresh-off-the-farm. Even the toast was fresh. They make the bread fresh daily from scratch - oh so good. Both boys had pancakes that were probably the size of a small ocelet (which I had to try, ya'know....just be safe right?) and were very tasty. It felt as though I was eating Sunday breakfast at my grandmothers minus some very obnoxious cousins.

We'll be going again soon.