Thursday, January 5, 2012

Such a bloody goof! I have a new homebrewing blog and group.

This is Sparging!
I can't believe this. I've been running a new homebrew blog and I haven't told anyone here!
I've been rather busy reading, looking for a new job, the holidaze, and running two other sites and have neglected this one, my biggest.
So I got a job. I'm still reading. The other two sites? (home of the I'd Tap That homebrewing club). It has beer, book, homebrewing ingredient, and beer bar reviews. I also post recipes, sell t-shirts, and drink beer so, yea, a good time. Check it out and let me know what you think. Hell join us for a brew session sometime. and it's blog It's a home PC support company I started a couple years ago after I was laid off from Iron Mountain. I have security tips and an occasional entry about a new Microsoft tool I'm teaching myself. System Center Configuration Manager. It's a fun little tool, well actually it's rather large but it's still fun. The last company I worked with wanted me to learn it but I never really had the time to study. After I left I was so interested in SCCM I downloaded the trial from Microsoft and built a home lab just to get proficient with it. It's working out well.
As for this blog I believe it'll be going through a metamorphosis of sorts. I have an enormous amount of ideas in my head and need an outlet. I think this site will be a great medium.