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Nerd Alert!

Am I the only one that immediately wants to scream EXTERMINATE! upon seeing this?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

20,000 Leagues, 200,000 attempts to Finish

A very cool "Steam Punked" version of the Nautilus. I know
the spike is virtually gone but it's still I great rendering.
I finally finished it. I started reading this decades ago when I was 10 or 11 and for some reason never finished. Maybe it was the Disney movie or even the ADHD, but somehow I never completed this classic. Being a submariner I'm surprised it never dawned on me to start reading this again. Anyway I decided to start again. This time I'd complete the journey with the Captain and his prisoners. 
The USS Nautilus. SSN 571 the worlds first nuclear
powered submarine.
The original sci/fi master Jules Verne produced this back in 1870 as "Vingt mille lieues sous les mers". Some have confused leagues as meaning under the sea and I'll admit I was a bit puzzled as well. Leagues, as I understand is a measurement of length not depth which is fathoms (1.8 meters or 5 ' 10"). Until I read the first few chapters of the book I never really grasped that its meant as the distance around the globe they traveled and it hit me harder than the Nautilus' spike. The tech Jules Verne describes borderlines realism. To have that imagination back in the late 1800's must have been pretty incredible for readers to wrap their heads around. Besides the sci/fi I really enjoyed reading this. From the conflicts of interest of Pierre Aronnax to his final insane attempt to leave. I was "submerged" from start to finish. 
I was able to download this to my Kindle Fire from Amazon for free. I never knew some (a lot really) of the best classic books are free for download from Amazon. I love this book and can't wait to give it to my sons when they're old enough. I've started a search for a good hard cover copy.

Next up. I'm re-reading The Hobbit. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Avengers (we assembled)

2.5 hours of absolutely Marvelous fun. Iron Man repulsed the bad guys with brains and 'tude, Thor hammered, Captain America took charge and kicked ass, Hawkeye is a bullseye, Black Widow is Scarlett Johansson  (do I need to elaborate?), and Hulk? What about the 1 ton green mass of anger-management issues? Well he S M A S H E D!
My 8 and 5 year-old boys loved it. In fact the youngest is still running around shooting anything that moves with his repulsors. I definitely recommend seeing it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Goals - Fitness

Pushups - 30 x 2
Situps - 30 x 2
Pullups - 10 x 2(!!)
6ct Bodybuilders - 10

Explanation to follow soon. Coming along nicely.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Demon Awakens by RA Salvatore

The book and author were introduced to me by a very close friend. Normally stuck behind tech manuals and internet blogs I needed to get out and read some fiction. Trusting that judgment I gave this a shot.

The Demon Awakens is a fantasy novel. In most cases it reminds me a lot of LoTR. I love LoTR but it didn't stop me from reading this. Even though there are a few similarities it's not a repeat and still a good read. I plan on reading the rest of the trilogy soon.

The Demon Awakens starts out with 3 humans in their pre-teen stage of life. A tomboy named Jilesponie (Pony for short), her longtime friend and crush Elbryan, and a young monk named Avelyn. Pony and Elbryan share a kiss right before their small village is razed to the ground by a small group of giants and goblins. During the mayhem they get separated. One gets taken in by elves and the other a small family that owns a pub. Avelyn is a different story. He's from a different part of the world and doesn't know Pony or Elbryan. At an early age he's accepted into a very high order of monks for service to God. It's been his lifelong dream until it's shattered by some of the order. He steals away from the order and along his path meets up with one of the others.

These three will eventually be tasked to fight a demon that has been awakened by man’s neglect of his spirit and discipline. In my opinion this parallels our own battles. When we stray from any path of discipline and follow our basic instincts we release our own demons that will soon sink us. Unless we pick ourselves up and fight against them, we're doomed to failure. I'm not saying God should be everyone’s path, everyone has their own god or struggles. The direction we travel can either kill our demons or feed them. It's our choice.

I liked the interaction between the 3, especially the romance of Pony and Elbryan. The fight scenes are intense, detailed, and often graphic. Don't worry I won't spill the beans here. I enjoyed it and am pretty excited about the other 2 books in this series. I wasn't pleased with some of the turn out in the end but hey, sometimes loss is necessary and I believe never forever.

RA's written an enormous amount of books including another series called "Homeland: The Legend of Drizzt". From what I hear this is a pretty sweet series too. I won't be getting to it for a while though as I have several other books on deck ahead of this.

I'm currently reading "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea", "Fermenting Revolution", and I have to have a tech manual in there to keep me honest; "System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Unleashed". The last ones a real tear jerker....

What's on deck?
The Hobbit, a must re-read before I see the movie.
Brewing Better Beer: Master Lessons for Advanced Homebrewers by Gordon Strong
Beginning SQL Joes 2 Pros - I need some SQL knowledge to strengthen my skills in Config Manager.

That's the short list.

Pick up "The Demon Awakens" on Amazon. As a surprise to me I bought the entire trilogy for my Kindle at a cost of $7.99. is Giving Away 50GB of Storage Through Midnight Tomorrow

They did it for Apple users so now it's Android's turn.
Download the app for Android - here
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Start sharing stuff via the cloud.

Piece of cake!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Such a bloody goof! I have a new homebrewing blog and group.

This is Sparging!
I can't believe this. I've been running a new homebrew blog and I haven't told anyone here!
I've been rather busy reading, looking for a new job, the holidaze, and running two other sites and have neglected this one, my biggest.
So I got a job. I'm still reading. The other two sites? (home of the I'd Tap That homebrewing club). It has beer, book, homebrewing ingredient, and beer bar reviews. I also post recipes, sell t-shirts, and drink beer so, yea, a good time. Check it out and let me know what you think. Hell join us for a brew session sometime. and it's blog It's a home PC support company I started a couple years ago after I was laid off from Iron Mountain. I have security tips and an occasional entry about a new Microsoft tool I'm teaching myself. System Center Configuration Manager. It's a fun little tool, well actually it's rather large but it's still fun. The last company I worked with wanted me to learn it but I never really had the time to study. After I left I was so interested in SCCM I downloaded the trial from Microsoft and built a home lab just to get proficient with it. It's working out well.
As for this blog I believe it'll be going through a metamorphosis of sorts. I have an enormous amount of ideas in my head and need an outlet. I think this site will be a great medium.