Monday, June 29, 2009

Alefest Columbus - A great time!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by table 18 this year. I met some great people ( Mark and Ian from Bogrolls) and drank some great beer!

A few favorites from this years selections were; Bear Rebuplic's Hop Rod Rye, Moylan's IPA, and a surprise for me, Lion Stout from Sri Lanka. I've seen it around but have never tried it. I was glad I did. There was one more, an English ale I can't for the life of me remember the name. Oh God it was so good.
I volunteered again this year and chose table 18. Again this year I was solo. No worries I don't mind it. I had a break once or twice from some fellow SODZ members (Thanks Matt and Frank) I had to leave the station unmanned once because my bladder was about to blow and I just couldn't hold it any longer. Too much info?
I've never had this much fun working.

Next up the Columbus Microbrew Festival at the Short North Market. Always a damn good time.

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