Tuesday, June 2, 2009

--virus alert-- Facebook Users

If you get a message within Facebook with this subject

"i saw yyour facee in tthis movie",, ccheck it"

ignore it (don't click the link) but tell the person who sent this to you to change their account password and possibly start a new account.
I was sent something from a friend with this in the title. After I opened it it led me to the following website " w w w dot aibaibia dot com dot br slash coolclip". It proceeded to load a clip that resembled something from YouTube. Then an error popped in and told me I needed to download another plugin to view it. Before I closed the link it started to download the trojan. I never let it complete and was never infected due to the way I have my system set up BUT someone could be fooled into letting this download even without their knowledge! Sneaky little buggers aren't they? There are some very funny things going on here too. If you pay close attention the subject is mispelled. The link is real but once you get to the site and the error pops up it actually tells you to download the latest Adobe Acrobat plugin. Adobe Acrobat plugin for a video? Not very convincing.

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