Thursday, July 2, 2009

Russian Sub in Drydock

Looks like the Russians aren't as concerned about their sub screws as the US. This is a photo of Russian President Dimitry Medvedev looking over a new sub being built. You may not notice it at first but look at the lower center of the photo. That is a submarine screw (propeller) of a new hunter killer submarine. Pictures like this have the ability to give away secrets of the boat in question. Are the Russians becoming lax? Do they have the same problem with the press as we do?
Speaking of submarines did you guys here about the Chinese sub trailing the USS John S. McCain? It got too close to the towed array* and damaged it. The McCain (Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer) was deployed near Subic Bay in the Phillipines when the incident occurred. So the Chinese aren't just building cheap lead filled toys for the US? Huh...go figure. See you at WalMart! I wouldn't be too concerned with them yet. What kind of submarine comander collides with a towed array?

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