Monday, June 8, 2009

Ale Fest Columbus - The Brewer's List

AB Specialty (some decent brews from Annheuser Busch possible)
Abita (some good stuff)
Alesmith (very good beers from these guys, i love the Speedway Stout)
Avery (I don't like thier political leanings but the beer is great)
Ayinger (good German beers)
BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse (always a great selection)
Bavik (no idea, Belgian)
Bear Republic (good stuff from California - I love the Oatmeal Stout)
Bell’s (very good, rarely disappoints, I love the Porter)
Black Sheep (English brewery, famous for Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale)
Blue Dawg Brewing (never heard of them)
Boston Beer Company (aka Sam Adam's)
Brooklyn (always good stuff, I especially like the Chocolate Stout)
Buckeye (one of my favorite IPA's)
Celis (Texas Brewery)
Chimay Trappist (Belgium ales....I love the Blue)
Chouffe ( another Belgian brewery...try the Dobbelen IPA Tripel!)
Columbus Brewing (Hometown brewer always great)
Coors Specialty (Coors? meh to each his own I guess)
Dogfish Head (Love them! I can't rememebr a beer I didn't like)
du Bocq (Belgian - never tried)
Dubuisson (never had the opportunity)
DuPont (I thought they made chemicals?)
Elevator (Hometown brewery - always good)
Erie (Railbender - good Scottish Ale)
Flying Dog (never disappoints, I hope they have the Imperial Porter)
Fort Collins (Colorado - need I say more?)
Founders (great brewery from that state up north)
Franck Boon (no idea)
Gordon Biersch (National Chain but locally brewed - the brewmaster is a helluva guy who makes great beers and an avid homebrewer)
Gouden Carolus (NO IDEA)
Great Divide (great beer from Colorado - get some Yeti if possible)
Great Lakes (One of my favorites. Great Beer from Cleveland)
Green Valley (an organic brewr from California)
Harpoon (one of the first craft brews I ever had, always happy with them)
Heavy Seas (Maryland Brewer - I recommend the Small Craft Warning)
Hoppin’ Frog (Ohio brewed, awesome beers)
Jolly Pumpkin (Belgian styled ales from that state up north, worth a shot)
Lagunitas (California - recommended)
Lakefront (Milwaukee - never tried but look forward to it)
Leinenkugel (not disappointing, try the Berry Weiss)
Lindemans (Belgian brewers specializing in Lambics, try the Framboise)
Lion (African brewer or New Zealand...I forget)
Magic Hat (good stuff from Vermont, never disappoionting)
McAuslan (I've only had the Scotch Ale but it was very good)
Melbourn Brothers (English i believe, never had it)
Michael Plank (German, never had it but am excited to try)
Mortgaat (Belgian Brewery that runs Ommegang)
Moylan’s (California brewery - grab some of the Dragoons Dry Irish Stout OR IPA)
New Holland (A favorite of mine. Never disappoints NEVER, try the Black Tulip, Dragon's Milk or the Existential IPA all awesome)
Ommegang (Cooperstown NY - try the Hennepin)
Orval (Belgian - grab the Trappist)
Otter Creek (Vermont - the Copper Ale is great)
Penn Brewing (no idea)
Pyramid (a decent selection from Seattle)
Redhook ( the ESB's decent)
Rochefort Trappist (Belgium Trappist, the 8 is great)
Rogue (love these guys, in fact I poured for them last year)
Samuel Smith (English brewer - good porter if I remember correctly)
Southern Tier (Lakewood NY, I can't remember ever trying thier stuff)
Spanish Peaks (california brewery, not bad either)
St Louis Framboise (no idea)
St. Peters Organic (English - good)
Stone (always a great selection)
Stoudt’s (decent brewry from PA, give'm a shot)
Thirsty Dog (Akron, Ohio - Old Leghumper Porter is my second favorite porter it's a very close second too)
Tommyknocker (Decent beers from Colorado)
Unibroue (Fantastic Belgian styles from Toronto - a must try)
Van Steenburge (Belgian Brewer, never tried)
Victory (Hop Wollop and Storm King, VERY GOOD!)
Weihenstephaner (Great German Wheat beers)
Westmalle Trappist (the Dubbel is fantastic you have to make the effort to get some)
Weyerbacher (Brewry from PA, the Old Heathen is recommended)
Widmer Brothers (Portland Brewers - what's not to like?)
Wychwood (Cool brewer with an awesome ESB and naming scheme from England)
Xingu (Chinese rice brewer - meh to each his own, not bad)

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