Saturday, March 19, 2011

UPDATE: 18 Rad Rye IPA

The 1st runnings were boiled for 90 minutes and OG turned out to be 1.072. I was shooting for 1.090 so my efficiency was around 60%. I have to get some iodine. (If a little iodine is poured on a sample it will turn black when the sugars have been converted - don't put the sample back though :) ).
It's been a week and the fermentations been slowed down enough to test. I came up with 1.018 which is almost finished. I'd like to give it another couple days to try to get it down to around 1.010. The other "second runnings" have an OG of 1.020. Not so hot but we're mixing the two together to get closer to a session beer than an Imperial Rye Pale.
After tasting the sample of the 1st runnings I'm starting to have second thoughts about combining the two. It's going to be a very good beer. Adding the second runnings into it may stretch the taste too far. I'd like to call a meeting of the High Order of Peculiar Zymurgists to see what they think. The 1st partigyle may be a failure. If it is I'll learn from it and move on.

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