Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drudge's Ham

A friend of mine sent a link to me from the Drudge Report concerning a 2lb ham purchase for over $1m.
I found the link to be a little outrageous so I wrote the company (Clougherty Packing LLC) and asked about the purchase. Within a day I had an email back from them stating the $1m was for 760,000 pounds of ham packaged in 2lb sections. This ham as well as some dairy products were purchased for the Emergency Food Assistance Program. After a couple more hours of research I found this link on the USDA's website. Drudge corrected the website (at 11:15PM) but I didn't see anything about a correction in the headlines the next morning. Drudge covered his ass but IMHO is guilty of sensationalism. I hate seeing my favorite news source start a decent into the same BS I see on MSNBC, ABC, CBS and even FOX.
I can't believe something I read on the internet wasn't wholly truthful. It's a sad state of affairs my friends when we can't trust the good ol'internet. What's next? Bill Gates isn't going to pay me for all the email I forwarded?

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