Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Reason to Avoid Kapersky

I haven't paid for security software in years. Not that I'm one of those guys that runs around stealing software I just find other ways either through rebates or use the multitude of free software on the net. I also don't open myself to attack either by clicking 'ok' or 'yes' on everything I see. I'm very careful where I browse and have multiple layers of security.
Last week Kapersky Labs was breached by Romanian hackers. Kapersky sells personal and business security software. If an anti-virus firm is hacked, it's customers data is exposed, and they don't know about it until the hackers actually tell them (yep, the hackers actually told them about it after 11 days). What does that say about the software? In their defense there are multiple divisions working on multiple projects. The 'web guys' are different than the 'software guys' but as a whole a company (any company) should live, breathe, and sweat security. This really has to be embarassing for them.

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