Friday, September 11, 2009

Westerville Fire Fighter Memorial

By chance I spotted the announcement for this while searching for events dedicated to 9/11 in or around Columbus. I wanted my sons to have some exposure to the tragedy that took place 8 years ago. I didn't tell them the entire story. I approached it with some restraint because it's very difficult to explain to a 6 year old the feelings that went through mine and his mothers heart.

The parade was at 10:30 and I saw the announcement at 10:15. Luckily both boys were being awesome today. With some tenacious driving and off the cuff directions I was able to make it up to the firestation in time. We pulled into the parking lot about 5 minutes before the pipers started.
The huge chunk of metal on the back of the flatbed is a peice of the north tower somewhere between the 98th and 101st floors (the plane struck the tower between the 94th and 99th floors).
I'll have some pictures posted soon.

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