Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Doom 3 and Opera

I was going through some old videos from my ftp server on SegerHouse and came across this. I took bits and pieces of recorded footage and set them to music. I have one or two more I'll have to upload. Those of you w/o children should notice all the spare time I had on my hands. Man it's been awhile since I played Doom 3 and although it was a GREAT game I eventually got hooked on HL2. Not better graphics mind you but the game play is outstanding. I think I'll have to find the game and install it on this system. One of my friends borrowed it years ago. I distinctly remember paying $50+ for this game and now can pick it up at Amazon for around $20. Isn't that sad? I remember picking up Serious Sam for aound $9 at Wal*Mart and wondered how many people bought it for $45 when it came into the gaming world. Doom is such a good, although short game. I used to play this in the dark while wearing surround sound headphones - freaky.
Pay attention to the bodies after I frag'em. Notice how they sort of incinerate? I picked up a mod/hack for this later on that actually left the bodies around. It gave me an idea of how many demons/zombies I went through. It got hard on the system after awhile though.

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